Mark has written and arranged music for a variety of contexts, from solo guitar to orchestral and electronic music. In March 2012 he achieved a high profile public success with his ‘pop-meets-musique concrète’ style track ‘Cars’, built entirely from car sounds and everyday traffic noises. This had a viral internet presence and was reported by BBC America and the Daily Mirror (amongst numerous press items) and broadcast by BBC Radio Leeds for whom he gave an interview.

Watch the ‘Cars’ video that was created for the track by Croftwerk below:

Mark has also composed pieces for more traditional ensemble line-ups, including string quartet, wind quintet and orchestra and has had his orchestral music performed publically.  In August 2005 his orchestral composition ‘Fugue on the Final Countdown’ was premiered by West Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra at the ‘Beached’ music festival in Scarborough and received a further performance in 2009 at LCM’s Venue by Leeds College of Music’s Community Symphony Orchestra.

As an arranger, in 2001 Mark re-worked an eighteen-part pit band score of the Sherman brothers’ musical, ‘The Slipper and the Rose’, for the NODA-initiated revival (based on original Angela Morley film score arrangements).